Founded in February 1986, Polytech Electronics Group of Companies; factory in China and head office in Hong Kong delivers powerful, energy saving, high quality and innovative electric motors including Hood Motors, Oven Motors, and Capacitor Motors, in addition Meat Probe & Receptacle as component for Oven Motors to its clients with high customer service all over the world. Our aim is not only to provide best service with high quality and good price but also support our customers about the latest trends and techniques by taking into consideration of our clients' manufacturing challenges. We try to convince you not with the quantity but with the quality of the service we present. We hope that makes us different.

Polytech Electronics supports its customers with R&D department and supply technical support according to the most appropriate engineering applications by providing strategies and implementations.

All customers need various qualities over technical and sales support from experts by monitoring closely. The needs of our customers are solved with the notifications of the dynamic and innovative sight of the experts; even the issue is urgent, in need of development or upgrading.

In that way Polytech Electronics presents the best and the most cost effective solutions with its experience in the best way.

We like to deal with many requests on a more personal level to make sure you get the best attention, pricing and information. We are very proud of our standards and service, always ensuring that our customers receive the very best possible service and advice.

Polytech Electronics is, and always has been, at your service with utmost care.